Monday, 30 September 2013

5 ways to make your weekend last longer!


Hehe, angry that you are awake after just 48 hours of rest and that’s if you even had one like the I heard a Nigerian joke “weekends do no last cos they are made in China” hehe not to worry its ok,so,its 48 hours.But here’s how to get 100% from the time you’ve got:
  • Double up on activities and make your precious time go further. For example,rather than go to the gym or for a walk /run alone,go with friends and have a coffee or drink afterwards.or take the kids to the shops and stop at the park on the way home
  • Do your chores in the week aim to get most of them done on weeknights so your Saturday is free.better still delegate-get the kids to muckin with vacuuming and dusting,with the promise of a treat later and if no kids D.I.Y(DO IT YOURSELF).         
  • Make Friday night special-it gets the weekend off to a great start.create a fun ritual by ordering a takeaway,enjoying special drink or playing a board game with the family.
  • Find time to just potter set yourself time to simply chill.An hour reading a book;watching a weepy film;or time to look out the window and think.If you can’t dedicate a few hours,try 15-30minute’ll feel more invigorated and less resentful by Monday.
  • Ban the Sunday blues if that Monday morning feeling starts on a Sunday night,do something special to take your  mind off things:start a new ritual of a sun day night maybe mani and pedi while watching a TV,or pop out to the cinema better still hang out with friends you haven’t seen in weeks-it doesn’t have to be a late night if you go about 5ish.
Have a lovely next weekend

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