Monday, 30 September 2013

kane's birth

welcome to Kane blog. This blog with the help of God and you faithful readers would need your support and strength.
      Once more, this is Kane blog, a daily blog, tips on fashion, food, and we also can discuss about music this is done by rating songs, more so, we can discuss on old songs you miss and would love to listen and artiste we’ve missed in the scene. We also doing movie on this blog and there’s this part of the blog where we have to talk on issues that affects us or stories you want to share. I write in language that best expresses my feelings either pidgin as long as my message can be conveyed.
    There is also room for improvement if you feel there’s something you want to see on the blog feel free to vent  you mind after all it’s a free world that’s how we are born abi now. You can send your info to or call 08171173722.thanks.

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