Saturday, 5 October 2013


 Saturday is here again after the heavy downpour yesterday . If you up today, you onto Kane blog yeah that’s reality.  Did you know that Saturdays are usually kinda of cool after the heavy traffic and closing down of the week’s work on Friday then you say TGIF(Thank God Its Friday). Friday is kinda the day everyone looks forward to go home. Well, it doesn’t look like my headline says Friday hehe.
    Saturday is the week following Friday and preceding Sunday. Saturday is named after the planet Saturn, which in turn was named after the Roman god Saturn.
In Nigeria, Saturdays are traditionally to party, because almost everyone is so busy and can’t spare a day in the week. Its also a time to do some cleaning in the house, you get to see some people you haven’t seen during the week, laugh and play, gist about wetin happen at your place of work.
     Hmmm, how I love Saturdays ,there’s a kind of stress-free air day you feel when you wake up, then for single ladies and maybe some married women it’s a day to storm the market and shop for the following week and prepare something new and delicious. Let me guess my Saturdays I get to eat beancake and pap or moi-moi, yeah I almost forgot Saturdays too you do some laundry.
Enjoy your Saturdays cheers@readers.
To be continued…

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