Monday, 30 September 2013


Dead or alive: 

Seriously, I thought what more could be deadlier than HIV/AIDS didn’t know that there’s this disease that can affect every part of the body and if the individual is not careful or take cognisance of what’s going on in various part of the body.
Nigerians for instance mostly get so carried away with the situation of the country that we  neglect the health part of  our lives anyways I won’t blame them because the game is called hustling everyone wants to put food In their bellies, buy some clothes, pay rents and at what expense. An average young Nigerian seldom have time to go for medical check-up even me inclusive all we just want to do is to make some papers after to which you would be surprised that the money ends up being used for drugs. How many of us even take a little break from work just to rest and find out what is going on inside of the body. Mm oga go sack me that is their reply.
Lagos Centre for excellency, city that never sleeps including the people. A typical Lagos person is such that the body would finally have to break down almost completely before the owner of the body would even realise he has been carried about in a container.
Isn’t it better to be alive and living than being dead and alive.please go for checkup oo!Life has no be rich for me is to also be healthy ooo.
To be continued…

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