Thursday, 10 October 2013


I didn’t want to talk about this because out of my five fingers, if am pointing one to you, the remaining four is coming back to me my dear friends. This is the wahala how can I be seeing different change of name that is not official.

  Yes! If they were nick names that’s quite acceptable but no, they are not these are real names becoming fake and I do not even know if the individuals do actually change too personally.
      Well it didn’t occur to me before but now am actually realising it, would I also call that swag or do I call it a trend because how do you please explain the christening of a child after eight days and the child is named TOLA  and that same day rituals were being performed o, or how do you explain that of the Ibo child too which after three months he is given a name and on top of that them go chop rice o, drink mineral then in fact put offering for the pikin only for 18 years later whether na book cause am o I can not really tell because I was just wondering if our heroes of blessed memory had changed the spelling of his name by contrasting vowel and consonants I wonder o.

              My people at all at all na in bad pass am not joking oo how can I name my child TOLA  only for me to see at the back of wetin they call customised clothe you will see THORLAR biko ndi obodo Nigeria where that one take relate. Before I know say change of name is done officially either in newspaper but this on is done on Twitter and facebook.

           In conclusion, me too have a changed name but is it swag or trend. But no matter what still rep your country by not using unnecessary consonants and vowels say wetin happen.
Love ya.

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