Sunday, 6 October 2013

Nigerian Banana

   Not until recently I got to understand what banana means in Nigeria. I so much love music and this love also spreads to the Nigerian music industry which is booming as it is evident that the talented ones smile to the bank as seen on their social media pages as they share photos of their new gadgets or some papers. 
      Anyways it’s a good thing that talents now pays in Nigeria let me switch to my pidgin tone.
Abeg o,na quietly I sit don for outside my compound eating banana with groundnut when a small boy just came to stand in front of me, singing and dancing even called me my first name without adding “aunty” as a sign of respect o ,he said kane chop banana,chop banana I smiled and said of cuz  am eating banana Chukwudi he further switched to another song 
    chop banana till you go yo, chop banana till you go yo 2x

    until then I never knew what he was saying,but my girlfriend just walked closed and shouted at Chukwudi common would you shut up there nonsense boy. I was surprised at the way my friend disrupted the poor boy from having fun singing for me. So when he left angrily, I turned to my friend and asked why would you stop the boy from playing? Haba na wa for you o.
she smiled and said well habatically, the word “Banana” which you are eating is not the same banana Chukwudi is asking you to eat till you are full. I said oti o meaning no way what other meaning can banana have again biko. She laughed at my ignorance to which I was already losing interest at her explanation. Well,she said finally banana means the male reproductive organ and to be full means that you are pregnant in other words ,Chukwudi is asking you to eat the male reproductive organ which is s*x till you yo is pregnant. Well what can I say than to open my mouth wide. Can I close it?
To be continued…    
                                Have a lovely week.

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