Sunday, 6 October 2013


                                             All na packaging in Jenifa’s voice.

Do you know garri  did not do advert but it sells faster than Bentley sef. please if you a Nigerian am sure you know what garri means by now but to non Nigerians lemme explain better. Garri is also  known as cassava flakes with no preservative or addictive needed.
     So, to my people let me continue a typical day with garri would make your belly full then why do I want to kill myself to eat Chinese rice or better still meat pie when I can get any kind of garri be it ijebu, garri pupa that is ibo garri, I can still enjoy  the same. To enjoy your garri after  working hard or you hungry, even if you  can not afford five hundred naira a day not to worry, with 100 naira max sure you have garri.
       Here’s how to buy it, garri itself is twenty naira, then with groundnut fresh one o , then with sugar optional sha then if you rich you add milk that is ten naira  then with ice water my dear food is ready o!

To be continued…lol.

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