Thursday, 10 October 2013


I write with tears In my eyes because it was actually a song that inspired my writing this post. Although am not ashamed of the gospel, heard the song titled twale. 
           Twale means a kind of salutation used in greeting an area father like a kind of respect but in this case the artiste was giving respect to the one who sees everything and no one has seen him.
               I can not but imagine that am alive you can search and download the song to understand what I mean like actually am so important I remember my primary school when am asked to recite the times table and because I haven’t memorised it well I would be so scarred that if peradventure am unable to recite this thing na cane be that oo and you know the funny thing about this is that if the teacher now says we should recite row by row to save time I would just heave  a sign of relief  because of cuz I would mumble the figures  na. 
      say wetin happen but if it is one after each other my dear friends and well wishers na  gobe oo but you can imagine when it was about to reach you and the bell rings for the next class I can see you breathe and say hmm na God save me.
      But as little as I was then I would still wish I could change to  a bird or nylon to be free from reciting the times table but not until now I realised am actually created a MAN do you know what that means not only does it mean you the highest creature of living things, you different different from non-living thing and you have people of your kind which has not been in extinction.
To this alone I say kabiyesi olu orun I was made to give you TWALE!!!


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